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June 19, 2009


Lisa Howard

Amen! And Amen! My thoughts exactly! Of course, I'm not always the greatest at follow through, but I do pretty well for the most part. I have recently starting working much harder at paying attention to what goes in. After only a very short time, I'm realizing a big difference in how I feel. Amazing, isn't it?

Funny little side note: Eating healthy requires a bit more time than the grab-and-go crap, hence my battle with getting enough of the good stuff. Well, now that my daughter is home, I've hired her to fix my meals. It's a win-win. I need to give her a little extra spending money each week and she loves to piddle in the kitchen. She is getting up early every morning and my breakfast is waiting for me after my workout. She is packing my lunch and dinner is in the fridge when I get home. She is even keeping records of calorie intake and giving me extra protein on weight lifting days. Only problem...whatever will I do when she goes back to school! LOL!

Let me know how you like the clease. And you are gonna be so bad for my VISA card! I've already been drooling over your b-day watch (just what I've been looking for) and now the shoes!!! I think I need to look for a second job just to my "Deana-look-alike" habit! LOL!

 Beth Perry

I totally agree! and I am more comfortable in a summer skirt and flipflops than in sweatpants, anyways! lol
Have a great weekend!


Deana love the post today! I agree with working on the inside not just the outside. As a friend through the internet I personally think you are gorgeous! I hope when I am 41 that I look as good as you do. Have a wonderful weekend..



AMEN! ...and excuse me... but what are you saying about 20 something yr. olds?! HAHHAHA. JUST KIDDING! :) anyway, just wanted to let you know that at the age of 41 -- you still look great! you're beautiful actually. hopefully i age as well as you.

my mom's in her mid 50s, and i think she aged well... so hopefully i follow in her steps!

let us know how the detox goes. :)


kim whitten

Honey, you certainly do not look over 40! You sexy little beast. ;)
I am loving loving loving those shoes! Talk about a mood elevator.

Got my happy mail from you today. Love those tags and thanks again sweet pea!


I sooooooooooooooo would give ANYTHING in the world to look as HOT as U!!!!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee the shoes...and I truly believe in my heart of hearts...that U should give Bryn her WISH and just move here...and become my personal trainer!!! LOL :):):):):):):):)

Michelle Turner

you sure are an inspiration to someone like me who has struggled with weight and body image my whole life. I am currently working out for 120 mins a day/5 days a week and following a strict calorie intake every day. I'm doing well in the weight loss dept so far and can't wait until this body starts toning up some more. By the time I hit 35 I hope to look half as good as you do!!!

Have a great weekend :)

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