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April 29, 2009



You and your family is such an inspiration! And a beautiful family, too. So? how are you? I'm doing well, soon you will be seeing me more often since I'm almost done with school this semester! Yayayyyy. I'm dying to spend more time creating and having fun! Anyhow, I see you're doing fine so I guess I'll go now! LOL! Have a beautiful day girl!


Deana you guys are awesome! Congrats on a great time..


what an inspiration you are! i seriously could never last as long as you! haha. and to think, you did it in the rain! a big congrats.

loving all of your pics.

i'm also done with my layout of bryn.


Lisa Howard

I am soooo impressed. I've always wanted to be a runner, but my body seems to have other! Way to go!

nicole renee

This is so inspiring! Glad you had a good time. I will be sending your camera out out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, I went to the doctor and found out I have shingles and have been drained for the past two days. : )


*sigh* great photos....but *double sigh* I am SUPER DUPER SAD that U got that CAMERA from Nicole b4 me :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( DUDE...its a KODAK!!!!!!! *sigh* dang computer virus....ok....running off to cry now!!!!! Love U! :):):):):)

Beth Perry

Girl, you make me so proud! what an awesome story.
And HELLOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I love that layout below!! So beautiful! I love the cluster at the bottom! Just love it, babe!
Have a good day! Talk to you soon! :P


You are awesome Deana! I'm so proud of you!


That's awesome! Today was the Flying Pig marathon in Cincinnati! I'm just a cheerleader, not a runner :)

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